Grudzień 2018

Europejski Sauna Maraton rozpocznie się wkrótce

The 10th European Sauna Marathon will start at the Otepää Central Square on February 2th , 2019 at midday, 12.00 p.m. The registration is open at Otepää Cultural Centre at 9.00 – 11.30 a.m.



European Sauna Marathon is a fun orienteering game. The team of four have to track down and visit every designated sauna in the Otepää area as fast as possible. Team members must be in the sauna for at least 3 minutes, visit ice holes and hot tubes. The participation is chargeable, the ticket for the Sauna Marathon 4-member teams will cost 70 euros. Tickets can be purchased on January 4th from Piletilevi


The team must take the ticket with them to the race start, where each of the team member fills in the registration sheet and is then given competition wristband, orienteering chips and special phone app. Every team has to make sure to have 35€ in their pockets which would be the deposit for tracking wristband.


Finish is opened until 5.30 p.m at Kääriku Sport Centre. In the competition ranking will take part all the 4-member teams that have visited all the saunas marked on the map and are in finish before 5.30 p.m. Teams that come late will listed as "enjoyers" and they will not be on the ranking list. People's favourite sauna will be selected by the teams, who have visited all the saunas.


Our golden sponsor is Lemmik Mees OÜ, who also puts out a grand prize which is brand new barrel sauna. Our grand sponsors are A. Le Coq and Vytautas. The mood has been heated up by our official Winter Capital radio - Sky Plus. I-III place will be selected from first 30 teams. Also the sauna owners can give special prizes for their favourite team.


“This year we have the orienteering chips for the participants. It helps us better to get the final results and is more comfortable for the participants,” explained the head of the Otepää Cultural Center Jorma Riivald. “The number of participants – last year more than 900 people – shows great interest for this event not only in Estonia. We are very glad to host all the sauna admirers.”

After the fun orienteering we will all meet in Otepää Comeback Nightclub where we can dance the night away with Estonian superstar Tanel Padar & Band.


European Sauna Marathon is organized by Otepää Cultural Center, Otepää Rural Municipality and sauna owners of Otepää area. NB! Tickets for the Sauna Marathon are not refundable.


Please read the rules:

Additional information:
Merle Soonberg phone +372 5662 6481